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World Record Catch & Release Walleye

Bridget's Walleye Facts: --> 37" Walleye - 18-pounds, 12-oz

--> Caught on Hawk Lake in Northwestern Ontario from her cottage on June 30th, 2007 at 10:16PM - No lodge had anything to do with this fish.

--> Caught on a Lindy rig/leech,12-pound test, Fenwick Techna AV 7' & Shimano Calcutta 200TE

--> The fish was officially certified by the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame on August 8th 2007 as the 12-pound line class and the All Tackle (no tie) World Catch and Release Record for Sander Vitreus (Walleye)

--> The fish was also recognized as the All Tackle and 12# line class Catch and Release World Record by In-Fisherman

--> A photo of the angler and fish was on the cover of "THE SPLASH" magazine, Volume 31, No3 (Summer 2007) which is the official publication of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

--> The fish was recognized on May 6, 2008 as 18# 12Oz by the International Game Fish Association

Bridget's Walleye Story:

"On June 30, 2007, Bridget and David Mohler were trolling in about 20 feet of water on Hawk Lake near Kenora, Ontario, Canada. Suddenly, David noticed two very large images on their depth finder. David cautioned his wife and about 30 seconds later Bridget got a tremendous strike. The large walleye was brought to the boat, it was quickly measured at 37 inches and then released. No weight or girth measurements were taken. Hawk Lake is small (by Canadian standards) at only 3 x 3 miles long and wide. It does, however, produce large walleyes. Bridget has nine over 31 inches, including two 34-inchers, a 35-incher and a 36-incher. To put her latest catch into perspective, the world record kept walleye is 35 inches in length! Obviously, Bridget's catch is remarkable. She has just set the bar a little higher for the rest of us."