World Record Catch & Release Walleye 2015

Bridget's Walleye Facts & Story:

I was trolling with my husband David in about 24' of water (adjacent to a rock reef on one side and much deeper water on the other) on Dogtooth Lake in Northwest Ontario, Canada. It was about 11:38PM on August 26th when the fish hit. The fish fought hard and stayed deep until alongside the boat. It was kept in the over-sized net in the water until we brought it in for a quick measurement 38 1/8th inches and some quick photos. We did not take a girth, but the Ontario OFAH Walleye weight calculator puts it at 20.32 pounds. The fish bent our net when lifted in the boat and was hard to hold. The fish was released and gave David a "bath" when it swam off hard. As you can see, the fish is beautiful dark gold and has very little white on it which is typical for this lake.

The fish was caught on bait casting gear (Shimano Calcutta 200TE reel and Fenwick Techna AV 7' 0" Medium Heavy Casting rod) with 20# test Silver Thread Fluorocarbon line, and the entire fight lasted about 6 minutes. The lake is extremely large with an advertised 167 miles of shoreline. This is my 6th Walleye World Record counting both the line class and the past and present all tackle classes.