Nakina Ontario Walleye Fishing

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge is a drive-to camp and located 6 miles from Nakina, Ontario and on Lower Twin Lake. From their camp you have excellent Walleye fishing in both Upper and Lower Twin Lakes as well as Walleye fishing in the Drowning River. The lumber boom is over in Nakina and most people have moved away to find work. Combining the absence of Walleye fishing pressure from locals with new Walleye limits and size restrictions, the Walleye fishing in Upper & Lower Twin Lakes has improved immensely over the last 10 years. Walleyes are common in the 1 to 3 pound range but trophies in the 10-pound range do get caught and released during the summer. On an average day you should catch between 15 and 25 nice Walleyes. Accommodations are clean and comfortable lakeside housekeeping cottages. A limited-service campground with waterfront sites is also available.

Brace Lake Outfitters: Come out to Brace Lake and enjoy the comfort of being on one of the best water systems Ontario has to offer. Brace Lake is connected to the Albany Watershed and it produces many great Walleye. These walleyes can be caught all summer long, and there is over 225 miles of shore line throughout the three lakes, Brace, Ara, and Meta. There is the elusive "Blue Walleye" in the waters at Brace, and you will have the opportunity to catch one. Brace Lake has tea stained water with a rocky bottom. Weeds are generally not a problem as the water is too dark for them to grow. Walleyes can be caught on brightly colored jigs and Gulp Alive leeches. Worms and minnows also are a great bait to use. Most walleyes range from 16 inches to 26 inches, it is not uncommon for the walleye to be caught up to 28 inches. At Brace Lake the walleye fishing will not disappoint you, it is world class fishing at it's finest!!

AMS Outposts Camps' air base is located 2 miles west of Nakina, Ontario on Cordingly Lake. From Nakina you fly north into the deep wilderness. They have fly-in outpost camps (including brand new camps) on Meta Lake, Albany River, Stone Lake and Ara Lake. All of these lakes are 100 walleye-per-day lakes with monster trophyWalleyes being caught as well.

Twin Lakes Outfitters Fly-in Outpost Camps: Their air base is located 6 miles east of Nakina Ontario onCordingly Lake. They have 17 fully equipped fly-in outpost cabins with unbelievable fishing for Walleye. Most of their outpost lakes are 100+ Walleye per day lakes. In one of their lakes, a world record Walleye of 25 pounds was caught but it was not properly documented and also released so it did not qualify as a record.