Ontario Walleye Fishing Guides & Charter Boats

First Nation Guides is a family-owned boat-in wilderness lodge at the south-east shores of the Aulneau Peninsula within Lake Of The Woods with boats on Crow Lake. Guests are boated in from Nestor Falls or welcome to bring their own boats. Their claim to fame is the unbelievable Walleye fishing. You can expect to catch 20 to 50 Walleyes per day minimum. On really good days guests have reported catching between 100 and 150 Walleyes in a day. Recently there have been excellent days where guests reported catching close to 200 Walleyes in a day. The harder you fish the more you will catch. Guests can expect to catch several Walleyes in the 4 to 6 pound range each day with most guests catching at least one Walleye in the 7 to 10-pound range during a week of fishing. Guests have caught 32-inch Walleyes over 12 pounds. Accommodations are in a large lakefront housekeeping cottage with all modern amenities. Interiors are tastefully decorated with newer furniture and tongue-&-grove pine throughout. As the name suggest guides are available at all times. They also have fishing for Musky, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Bass, Perch, Sauger & Crappie.

Eagle Eye Guiding is located on Eagle Lake in Northwestern Ontario. Greg grew up on Eagle Lake and knows every inch and his professional guiding skills are available for travelers or guests of any lodge on the lake. Eagle Lake is famous for Trophy Walleyes. You pick big Walleyes or lots of Walleyes and Greg with show you a day of the best fishing you can imagine. Spending a day with Greg is very educational as well. He will show you all the tips and tricks to maximize your fishing skills and produce outstanding results. Greg also offer fishing for Musky, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. His boat is fast and very comfortable. Eagle Lake is goreous so just the boat ride is worth the trip.

CAN-AM Walleye & Musky Charters - We are a professional sports-fishing charter-boat & guide service operating full-time since 1999 on Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie from the Ontario side. We specifically target Muskie on Lake St. Clair and Rainbow Trout / Steelhead Trout and Walleye on Lake Erie. Fishing locations include Muskie Fishing on Lake St. Clair out of Belle River Marina. Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie out of Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour. Steelhead Fishing / Rainbow Trout Fishing on Lake Erie out of Wheatley Harbour.

Rampage Walleye & Musky Sport-Fishing Charters is located in Chatham Ontario and offer charter fishing for trophy Walleye fishing on Lake Erie as well as Muskie fishing on Lake St. Clair. Captain Terry has many years experience on the lake and offers their guests and very high success rate. The boat is big and comfortable.