Healthy Low Fat Way to Cook Walleye

Cooking Walleye in oil makes me sick. I love the taste but my body says no way!! When I was young it never bothered me but since I have turned 50 my system has become more sensitive. I care about my health and want to have a long happy life. There is no way I am going to stop eating Walleye.

As a result I have been experimenting with different ways to cook Walleye that are healthy; specifically low in fat, low in calories, low in sodium and big on taste. Recently we were camping in Algonquin Park and I made the recipe below and the guys all loved it. All ten of my buddies said the Walleye tasted fantastic and want me to add it to my regular repertoire of outdoor dishes. I call it Algonquin Walleye.

Ingredients: Walleye Fillets, Kraft Calorie-Wise Sun Dried Tomato and Oregano Dressing, Mushrooms, White Spanish Onions, different colored Sweet Bell Peppers & pepper.

Optional Less Healthy Ingredients: Salt, margarine or butter. Leave these out for super healthy dish.

1) First, chop up the mushrooms, onions and peppers and Sauté them with a little salt and butter. You neet to Sauté the vegetables until they are almost dry. If you don't the final dish will be too watery. Then get a big sheet of heavy duty foil and spread butter, salt and pepper on the foil and then squirt a generous amount of dressing on the foil. Put more than shown on the picture below. I just made a fancy squirt design for the pictures.

2) Second, put the Walleye fillets down in the middle so they are squished together.

3) Third, cover the Walleye fillets with the mushrooms, onions and peppers that you sautéed.

4) Fouth, cover the sautéed veggies with more Walleye fillets and then squirt a generous amount of dressing. Use more than what you see in my photos. I actually did not use enough this time. For ten Walleye Fillets I would use 2/3rds of the bottle. 1/3rd on top and then again on the bottom.

5) Finally, Roll everything up in foil and even add a second layer of foil to make sure it does not split open and leak. You also need to roll up the ends so the foil is tight and leak proof. Then cook 20 minutes a side over charcoal or if using a barbeque with the lid shut cook 20 minutes a side on the lowest heat.

Another Similar Way: You can mix the vegetables with the Sun Dried Tomato and Oregano Dressing and Sauté until they are at a consistency that you enjoy and then spoon the vegetable mix onto broiled or poached fillets.

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