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Walleye Fishing Lakes near Clarendon Ontario

Land O' Lakes Lodge is located north of Kingston and Belleville and west of Ottawa on the Frontinac Highlands and 15 minutes north of the village of Sharbot Lake and near Clarendon, Ontario. The lodge is located on Crotch Lake, which is the top inland Walleye fishing lake in all of Eastern Ontario. The average size Walleye is 20 inches. Because they have a slot size where all Walleyes need to be released over 19.5 inches; the lake has been transformed into a Mecca for trophy Walleye hunters. There are a lot of Walleyes between 25 and 30 inches being caught and released and the largest in recent years was 36 inches. They offer both American Plan cabins and Housekeeping Plan cottages. They have nice boats for rent. Crotch Lake also has awesome fishing for Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass and the bass can be caught in gigantic numbers. This is a very friendly family-run resort and their cottages are beautiful.

Gary's Guide Service This is Gary; owner of the Walleye Heaven website. I just happen to live near Land O' Lakes Lodge. I keep my boat at the lodge and I offer guiding on Crotch Lake for Walleye. Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike are also available. If you are a guest of the lodge or just visiting the area and want to go fishing please visit my page. I manage a bunch of fishing websites as well as the website for 150 lodges. It's my full time job but I still manage to find the time to guide a coupe of days a week.

Please Note: If the wife or the wives are not interested in fishing they can drive 20 minutes to gorgeous downtown Perth where there are all kinds of shops, cafe's and boutiques.