Ontario Walleye Fishing

Ontario is the top sport fishing hotspot in Canada for Walleye and most fisherman think Ontario is where the next World Record Walleye will be caught. Ontario's many lakes and rivers are stuffed with Walleyes of all sizes and are here for you to enjoy. I made this website to bring you the information you need for your next Fishing trip so I created a directory of Ontario's top fishing lodges, resorts, remote outpost camps & outpost cabins, whether they are drive-to or fly-in, American Plan or Housekeeping.

The best fishing lodges in Ontario are listed in this site along with some nice Walleye tips, techniques and big pictures of beautiful Trophy Walleye as well as other useful information.

What Ontario Fishing information are you looking for? Do you want 100 Walleyes per day or big Trophies Walleyes? Do you want to go to a lodge or an outpost camp? Are you looking for drive-to, boat-to or fly-in? Do you want American Plan or housekeeping? It's all listed here. I hope you have a perfect Ontario Walleye Fishing Trip.

Walleye Biology & Information: The scientific name for Walleye is Sander Vitreus. Most people in Ontario used to call them Pickerel but back in the 60s somebody started calling them Walleye down south and that name slowly made it's way north into Canada and by the mid-90s most people in Ontario accepted the name Walleye. A few of us old timers still slip once in a while and call them Pickerel.

A Walleye will grow about 3 inches per year for the first three years and then their growth rate slows down. As they grow the rate of growth slows down. By the time they reach 30 inches it's most likely around 20 years old. The farther north you go the slower a fish grows but because of the lack of parasites and disease in cooler northern lakes, fish farther north live longer and healthier so Walleyes in Ontario can reach over 35 inches. The MNR has caught many over 25 pounds through netting studies, which is far bigger than the current record. There have been stories of a trapper north of Nakina catching a 40-inch Walleye through the ice and feeding it to his dogs.

Ontario has thousands of the best Walleye lakes and Walleye fishing is more popular and in more demand than all other sportsfish put together. Because of their poplarity in the USA American fisherpersons bring 2 $billion into the northern economy every year and we dearly thank you for that. You could say mining, forestry and Walleye drive the northern economy.

Please take a look through my Walleye fishing site and check out the lodges I have listed right across Ontario. I also have tons of Walleye fishing tips, techniques and interesting Walleye fishing research information to look at. If you are looking for an Ontario Walleye fishing trip and not sure where to go fishing or not sure where the best Walleye fishing in Ontario is, then tell me your needs and I will help you. email me.

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