Elliot Lake Walleye Fishing

Shooting Star Camp is located north of Lake Huron in Ontario Spanish River Region. This area is well known for great Walleye fishing. The Spanish River with it's fertile waters is a perfect habitat to grow big Walleye. Their walleyes don't disappear into the deep during the summer like a lot of lakes. Their guests catch good size Walleyes all summer. They also have outstanding fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Lake Trout.

Green Wilderness Lodge & Outpost Camp is located in Northern Ontario between Timmins & Gogama. They are located in the north arm of Mattagami Lake, which is well known for having great Walleye fishing. Walleyes are available in all sizes but are most common in the 2 to 4-pound range. Their lake has big rivers and many feeder streams, which produces great spawning grounds for Walleye thus keeping the population high. Giant trophy Walleyes over 10 pounds get caught and released on a regular basis. They have nice cottages and boat-to outpost camps both on Mattagai Lake and smaller inland lakes. They also offer day-trips to fly-in trophy Walleye lakes.

Twin J Hide-A-Way is located on Mattagami Lake, which is well known for having outstanding Walleye fishing. They also have easy access to the Minisinakwa River where the Walleye fishing is just as good. Mattagami Lake is known more for producing big trophy Walleyes but in the right spots you can catch a whole mess of fish. They offer daylong fly-in trips to trophy Walleye & lakes through the local air service where you can catch 100 walleyes in a day. They offer housekeeping cottages and boat rentals. They also have great Northern Pike Fishing